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What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

As humans we are constantly shifting and growing, as is our planet. As our eyes read these words, our cells are rapidly dying and created within our bodies just as rapidly as there are plants, animals, and humans dying and being created all over this planet-- growth and death and our existence as human beings living on an even more complex being is the foundation of the exploration towards clarity on what it means to be human.

What does it mean to be human? As someone who has had a subliminal connection with nature from a very young age, I am uniquely silenced and captivated by the pure beauty of Earth. When I am isolated and standing in the middle of the natural world, far from civilization, in those still moments I feel an incredible connection with something that is far bigger than who I am. I, as Jacob, am right now living on a planet, called, Earth, that we as a collective know very little about. We know very little about the oceans, the forests, the interactions of species, thousands of unknown species and have never yet been to the center of our planet. Yet I feel at times, as a collective, we are more interested in the outer beeping of satellites and what lay past our home than that of the conversation and preservation of our natural world.

I believe in evolution, and that we are right now, evolving minutely at this very moment. I do believe that creation emerged from the sea and that as we, in very early form, emerged from the water and into the forest and out of the forest, I believe that the pentacle awareness that Earth and all its inhabitants are one is the idea that collectively we must garner and harness for deeper understanding of our existence here as humans. We wield immense responsibility to progress ourselves, and hence the earth, towards harmony and coexisting.

Leading with #love and curiosity at our forefront is vital to our progression as the human collective.

At a spiritual level I believe that our mind and body is directly connected to our soul or spirit and that the energy of the spirit is what makes up the liveliness, the rhythm and beating of the natural world around us. What makes our existence anymore special than that of a bird or a squirrel? Evolution? The ability to create? There is an immense connection and bond with the building blocks of creation and who we are as human. Our awareness and advanced consciousness of our existence is the piece that places humankind as the protectors of Mother Earth.

On a scientific level, our physical bodies are cellularly constructed via the fusion of a mixture of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. When our physical bodies return to this earth, as is the circle of life, we are apart of that energy.

"Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed."

- Albert Einstein

Until the collective human species balances our relationship with #Earth,

until we deem inner and outer harmony as apex being will we continue to march further and further away from the answer to the question,

What does it mean to be human ?

we are the water we are the sea we are the trees you and me

- Jacob Barnes


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