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Alex. Pride Films & Plays. 2019. 

What the critics are saying:

"Handsome, eloquent Jacob Barnes passionately takes on the role of Alex. New to the Windy City, Mr. Barnes is sure to soon become a familiar face in Chicago theatre. He sizzles in the torrid love scenes and brings a definite touch of gentility and class to his portrayal of Alex. With emotional honesty, Jacob portrays Alex’s passion for both his partner and life, itself. But, with realistic caution and candor, his Alex finds himself reluctantly giving in to the growing doubts and anxiety the couple’s new relationship has fostered." 

Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review.

"Days after last week’s opening, it is Jacob Barnes’ Alex to which my thoughts keep returning. Making his Chicago storefront debut while largely in the buff, Mr. Barnes turns in a solid performance as a graduate student in search of the personal life stability that mirrors his predictable scientific career. It takes little effort for audiences to identify with the emotional work Alex defers in the lab by day and is too exhausted to perform by night. Initially relieved by his husband’s evening extracurricular activities, acknowledging that Josh needs more attention than he can reasonably give, Mr. Barnes shows us the character’s gradual shift in correlation with the growing pile of Josh’s lies. His Alex is naïve, lustfully lazy and flawed — but likable."

Becky Sarwate, The Broadway Blog.

Il Trovatore.

Anvilist. Lyric Opera Chicago. 2019. 

Il Trovatore

A Comedy of Tenors. 

Carlo. Actor's Theatre of Indiana. 2018. 

What the critics are saying:

"Young actor Jacob Barnes does great work as young singer Carlo Nucci"

Ken Klinenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle

"Standing out was Barnes as guileless tenor Carlo Nucci, who dates Tito’s Merilli’s daughter Mimi. Possessing leading man good looks, Barnes showed dexterity as he executed some difficult yet hilarious pratfalls."

"As Carlo, hunky Jacob Barnes pratfalls as good as he looks, And when Farrell, Barnes and Eastlund sing, you know this show was cast perfectly."

John Lyle Belden, Plays With John & Wendy

Lost in Yonkers.

Louie. Red Barn Summer Theater. 2018. 

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Pericles. Ball State University. 2018.